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Why Install Anti-Gawk Screens on Your Barrier Walls?

The concrete barrier walls you install around your construction site enclose the site and protect it against damage. For example, if a driver were to veer off the road in an accident, the walls act as crash barriers.

While these walls are pretty essential on their own, you can enhance their effectiveness by adding anti-gawk screens to the barriers. These screens add height to the walls making them taller; they make it harder for people to see, or 'gawk', into your site.

What are the benefits of anti-gawk barrier screens?

Debris Control

Regular barrier walls may not keep all dust and flying debris on your site. If you only need to install low barriers, then this kind of stuff can fly off your site over the walls while your crew is working. It can also get blown off the site on windy days.

This creates an extra mess outside your site that may not make your neighbours and the local council happy. It also poses a risk to passing pedestrians and drivers.

If a person or a car gets hits by a chunk of debris, they might get hurt. Anti-gawk screens give your barrier walls extra height to hold this dust and debris inside your site and to keep it from getting outside where it can do some damage.

Reduced Distraction

If your site has low concrete barrier walls that people can see over, then they, and your crews, may get distracted. If people can see in and your workers can see out, then everybody could lose some focus.

If someone is looking in your site as they walk alongside the barriers, then they aren't looking where they are going and they could trip and fall. Or, if a car driver glances into your site to see what's going on, they could have an accident if they don't keep their eyes on the road.

Your crews may also find it hard to get on with their work if people stop and chat to them. Having people staring at you while you work is also a bit off-putting. Anti-gawk screens stop the public and your workers from being distracted by each other.

Anti-gawk screens simply contain your site more effectively and keep it private. To find out more, talk to your concrete barrier wall supplier. They can show you different types and sizes of anti-gawk screens for the barriers you want to use.