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Connor's Guide to Concrete Welcome to my new blog! My name is Connor and this my concrete blog. Concrete may seem like a pretty boring subject. But it is only boring if you do not understand the incredible possibilities. When the interior designer I was working with suggested that I install some concrete inside my home I thought he was crazy. I thought concrete was only used for the floor of your garage, your carport or for a patio area. However, when I saw the possibilities that polished concrete offered me in terms of looks and functionality, I was sold! I hope you like my blog.



Reasons Concrete Should Be Your Go-To Flooring Solution for Your Home

The rise in demand for concrete flooring is unquestionable as it is steadily being integrated into both remodelled structures as well as new home builds. Although previously a staple for industrial applications, the various benefits of concrete coupled with the technological advancements in the concreting industry, more and more people are becoming aware of how functional yet appealing this flooring can be. Nevertheless, some people may not be aware of how beneficial this material can be for their space. Whether you are looking to floor the interior or the exterior of your home, you should read these reasons why concrete should be your go-to solution.

Concrete flooring adds visual appeal

Some people may be under the impression that concrete flooring would not contribute to the aesthetic of their space as it is characterised by being a bland grey in colour. Although this assumption does stem from the appearance of concrete used in industrial spaces, it should be noted that the options available in the market have much more character to them. Firstly, pigments can be mixed in the concrete to create any colour scheme that you would want for your flooring. Secondly, some concrete floors will have aggregates integrated into them such as glass pebbles and more to add some visual interest to the flooring. Lastly, you have a vast array of finishes to choose from based on your preference!

Concrete flooring can enhance energy efficiency

Not many people will think that the energy efficiency of their space will correlate with their flooring. However, as energy bills are on a steady rise and Australians are looking to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can, there have been additional solutions to help in reducing thermal loss and gain in the home. Concrete flooring is one of the solutions that you could invest in. By having a shiny finish applied on your concrete flooring, you transform it into a reflective surface. As a result, the flooring will reflect light during the summer and keep your space cool. Moreover, the reflective properties of polished concrete surfaces also helps in boosting the natural light in your space. As a result, your residence consumes less energy on artificial lighting during the day.

Concrete flooring is hassle free

Maintenance of your flooring is crucial if the materials are to have longevity. Nonetheless, the maintenance required will vary from one type of flooring to another. For instance, most flooring solutions will need intermittent stripping, waxing and other measures to keep them protected from accelerated wear. With concrete flooring, as long as you have applied a sealant to decrease its porosity, a simple wipe down would suffice. 

To learn more about the benefits and maintenance of concrete flooring, contact concrete contractors in your area.