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How to Achieve a Long-Lasting Sand-Finish Look on Your Polished Concrete Floors

Sand-finish polished concrete is one of the most popular exposed aggregate options available for polished concrete floors. Sanding and polishing your concrete floors gives them a glossy, smooth and appealing look. Although sanded and polished concrete floors are durable because of the densification process, they are not maintenance free. You require frequent and proper maintenance to remove any grime that could rub down your floor's burnish surface. This helps it retain its polished appearance even longer than expected.

Here are detailed tips on how to ensure your polished floors are smooth and shiny for a long time:

Set up a routine cleaning schedule.

For proper maintenance of your concrete floors, you have to prioritise a regular cleaning schedule. Setting up a cleaning schedule will help you get rid of debris. This debris includes dust, sand and stains that may accumulate on your floor during traffic, abrading your polished concrete floors. This might alter the shiny and smooth texture of your floors, causing the floor surfaces to have a sandpaper effect and a dull look. 

During routine cleaning, you'll have great success when you use clean water and the right cleaner to wipe off dirt from the floor surface. To reduce interference during cleaning, you should establish the cleaning process either during night hours or early in the morning.

Acquire the right materials to use when cleaning.

Polished concrete floors are long lasting with the right maintenance methods. Using the right materials for cleaning your floor's surfaces will help maintaining its glossy nature while retaining its smooth texture. There are two types of cleaning—manual cleaning and cleaning using automatic equipment. 

Using manual cleaning requires a soft microfibre dust mop with a neutral pH formula for easy and effective debris removal. You should first consider sweeping off any grime on the finish before mopping. Cleaning using automatic equipment requires the use of non-abrasive and soft pads, such as white and soft beige pads. Using these materials will prevent scratching and other damage to your polished floors.

Know what will damage your polishing and avoid it.

Having knowledge on the substances that can damage your polishing is an important step towards maintaining your concrete floors. Materials such as wax, acid and other spills may damage your finish immediately or with time. When there are spills on your floor, you should clean it up immediately. This might cause seepage into the concrete surface, which may be costly to repair. Also, don't let wax accumulate on your polished floor, as it can alter its shiny appearance.

To have a durable sand finish on your polished concrete floors, you should provide the floors with a high level of upkeep. Remember, maintaining the smooth texture and lustrous appearance of your concrete floors is a great way of making your house look more beautiful.