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Connor's Guide to Concrete Welcome to my new blog! My name is Connor and this my concrete blog. Concrete may seem like a pretty boring subject. But it is only boring if you do not understand the incredible possibilities. When the interior designer I was working with suggested that I install some concrete inside my home I thought he was crazy. I thought concrete was only used for the floor of your garage, your carport or for a patio area. However, when I saw the possibilities that polished concrete offered me in terms of looks and functionality, I was sold! I hope you like my blog.



How Polished Concrete Would Benefit Your Patio

Concrete is a popular flooring solution for patios due to the high durability that the material provides. Some homeowners may even consider leaving the concrete unfinished in an attempt to add a rustic aesthetic to the exterior space. Although unfinished concrete is a great way of keeping your flooring installation costs low, it will not provide you with the best of service for the long term. Instead, you should consider investing in polished concrete floors for your patio. So how would polished concrete be beneficial to this space?

Polished concrete is affordable

Other than giving your patio flooring a natural and rustic appearance, unfinished concrete does tend to be one of the cheapest ways to pave this area. Thus, it remains an attractive choice for homeowners looking to keep their flooring costs as minimal as possible. Luckily, polished concrete is an affordable alternative. Although polished concrete floors may have comparatively the same sticker price as solutions such as tile, the polished concrete offers you cost savings in the long term.

With adequate maintenance, your polished concrete will not succumb to undue damage. Therefore, you would not be bearing the cost of repairs and replacement for a long time to come. Moreover, since the polished layer reinforces the unfinished concrete, you would also not have to be concerned about structural damage to the substrate in the form of hairline cracks or concrete cancer.

Polished concrete is durable and easy to maintain

Your patio is probably one of the most used areas of your home. During the summer, most people would like to make the most of the weather while still staying sheltered from the elements. Thus, most of their entertaining and general hosting will happen on the patio. This heavy traffic makes the patio prone to dirt. If you opt for porous flooring options, you will find you are spending a significant amount of time cleaning your patio floor to retain its pristine appearance.

Unfinished concrete is exceptionally absorbent and will start to change colour if it is exposed to beverage spills, food stains and more. By installing polished concrete, you make the cleaning process a breeze. The impervious nature of the polished concrete means it can be exposed to any substances without the risk of permanent alterations to its appearance. Additionally, the durability of the polished concrete makes it capable of withstanding the heaviest of usage without developing cosmetic damages in the form of dents, pockmarks and more.