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Update Your Concrete Floors Via Acid Staining

If your concrete floors have started to look drab, you may be considering re-flooring your property to boost the kerb appeal. Although this may be a sound idea, it will cost an arm and a leg to replace all your floors. A more economical approach would be utilising acid staining all on your concrete floors to give them a face-lift.

Acid staining allows you a vast range of designs to choose from, ranging from mottled surfaces to a marbled effect on your concrete. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your concrete floors will be visually pleasing. But this is not the only advantage that acid staining affords you. Read on to find out why you should update your concrete floors via acid staining.

Acid staining will make your concrete floors more durable

Concrete is a hardwearing material, and this is why it stays a popular option for exterior flooring applications. Nonetheless, this inherent resilience does not imply your concrete floors will be immune to any damages. Over time, the surface of the flooring can start to degrade, particularly if it is installed in an unsheltered space. Couple the weathering with constant moisture exposure, and you will have to seek repairs routinely for cracks on the surface. Acid staining helps in decreasing the rate at which your concrete floors wear down. When the acid staining is professionally applied by concrete contractors, your floors will become less susceptible to discolouration, fading, ultraviolet degradation, chipping and more.

Acid staining will make your concrete floors easier to maintain

Exterior flooring tends to be neglected when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as some people will assume the loos will just get dirty again in no time. However, this neglect is what exposes your concrete to permanent stains. Moreover, if debris is left to sit on your concrete, any heavy loads such as vehicles on your driveway can cause surface damages on the flooring. Acid staining is an easy way of decreasing the amount of time and energy required to keep your concrete floors pristine. Once the acid stain is applied, occasional mopping and intermittent vacuuming would suffice since the concrete is now impervious.

Acid staining makes your concrete floors hypoallergenic

If you have small children, it is essential to have floors that would not harbour impurities that would easily trigger allergies. Unfinished concrete has a high propensity of collecting pollen, dust and other contaminants that would aggravate respiratory problems. With acid staining, no residual pollutants are accumulating on the surface of the floors, which makes this great for interior concrete flooring.